How to Find Exact Size Images On Google

Google has always been the best source to gather any kind of information and No doubt, there is no comparison between Google and other search engine platforms.

Google became the world’s best and most trusted search engine, not just because it was the first mover but they have also continuously made changes and have built strong algorithms to give best possible service to their users.

To get more accurate results of your queries on Google, you can use several types of filters and one those filters, there is a filter called “search by image”, by using this filter you can find any image by its size or also can find exact size images.

This was an amazing feature for Finding exact size image but now Google Images quietly removes ‘exact size’ and ‘larger than’ search filters and it’s no longer available for users.

But Don’t worry, here we will tell you the best possible methods that will help you to get rid of Google exact size image issues.

How to Find Exact Size photos or Images On Google?

There could be multiple options and methods to find exact size images on google but here we will share very easy methods to do this.

Method 1: Search Operator

Search operator is a very quick and easy way to find exact size images as per your need. What you do is, simply search for your targeted keyword in google.

After the search results are shown up, simply go to the images tab and in the search bar, right after your keyword put, imagesize:500×500 or whatever image size you want.

For better understanding you can see the below images that show how you have to use this search operator to get exact size images from Google.

Like – Salman Khan imagesize:500×500

Method 2: Chrome Extension:

This is another easy way to find exact size images of Google without any hurdle.  To get started with just follow few steps that are given below:

Install a chrome Extension called “Advance Image Search extension” and after the installation, you can easily find this extensions pop-up on top of the corner.

Now next time whenever you search anything on Google and want its exact size image. Just click on this extension and it will show many advanced search operators to help you and from all of those you can also choose image size.

This is quite easy and fast way to use Google advanced search operator to enhance your browsing and of course you can easily get exact match image sizes with clicks.

See the below picture to get idea, how the plugin look like and works:


There is no doubt! Google Exact image search feature was one of important features and that’s the reason we have written this piece of content to help all those users, who used to with this advanced feature.

We are sure that this article will definitely help you to find exact size images on google if you still face any do let us down in the comment box. Exact Size on Image Search missing so these ways make us easy to fine same size images.

We will try to answer your queries and feedback and you can bookmark our page for more latest methods to find exact size images on google.

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