11 Benefits of Having Your Website on WordPress in 2021

11 Benefits of Having Your Website on WordPress

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January 15, 2021
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11 Benefits of Having Your Website on WordPress

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There are numerous benefits of having your website on WordPress. The installation of the software is quick and you can be up and running in no time at all. You do not have to be a computer wizard to get up and running with your new WordPress site. You will need to learn some basics, but it is an easy process that anyone can do.

Benefits of Having Your Website on WordPress


There are numerous benefits of having your website on Word Press. This is mainly because of the fact that this blogging system is very easy to use and customize. It also enables you to make changes as frequently as you want.

It is also highly customizable, which allows you to choose everything from the colour to the style. It is extremely easy to use Word Press, which means it is perfect for bloggers who do not have much experience in making websites.

When you have your own Word Press site, you can change the theme easily. There are also several different plugins available for your website.

This allows you to have any type of website that you want. You can have a blog, a shopping cart, a contact form, and more. This type of versatility is invaluable to someone who wants to Design a Website form professionals.

Website Flexibility:

Another of the many benefits of having your own site is the flexibility it provides you as a business owner. If you need to make changes to your website at any time, you can do so without having to restart your entire server.

This is extremely important when you consider the number of website changes that need to be made on a regular basis. By using Word Press, you can have a website up and operating in minutes.

Not only is it easy to use but there is no need to know anything about HTML or PHP. This is what makes Word Press so popular among website owners.

Most website owners can figure out how to run Word Press without any knowledge at all. This is a huge advantage over other platforms and makes Word Press the preferred solution.

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Variety of Hosting Packages:

There are also a variety of hosting packages available that will work with your website. Hosting companies offer many different types of plans that cater to different needs. It is important to research the different options you have before making a decision.

Make sure you choose a company that offers you a reasonable monthly rate and a quality website host. Most hosts will offer a variety of hosting packages to fit just about everyone’s needs.

SEO Friendly:

One of the biggest benefits of having your website on WordPress is the fact that your site is more SEO friendly. SEO stands for search engine optimization and this refers to how well your site is being indexed in search engines.

Most search engines look for links to your site. WordPress has an excellent page rank, which refers to its importance to search engines. Because Word Press is used by many site owners, it is continually indexed and ranked in search engine results, which means it can help increase your traffic at a lower cost.

Malicious Attacks Proof:

Another one of the benefits of having your website on WordPress is that it is less prone to malicious attacks. WordPress is known for being an open source program, which allows anyone to create malicious scripts that can harm your site.

Hosting your own server could be costly and you could end up paying someone a lot of money to host your website. Using a free host such as WordPress is a much better alternative, especially if your site is not heavy or if you do not use a lot of scripting.

Free To Use:

The biggest benefit of having your website on WordPress is that it is free to use. Even if you have to pay for the premium version, you will still be saving a lot of money. You can expect your blog to generate a lot of traffic in a short period of time. In fact, you may be surprised by how fast your website starts to draw traffic.


You also get unlimited support from the WordPress team. You can ask for help with any problem, whether it is about design or coding or anything else. You won’t be left in the dark. Support is available round the clock on a website and blog. It also means that if you encounter a technical glitch with your website, you will be able to get it fixed immediately.

Tools Availability:

If you want to get more benefits of having your website on WordPress, then you can make your blog stand out with the help of interesting features such as RSS feed and social bookmarking. You can have any of these features added to your blog without any cost.

There are a number of free tools that you can use to make your blog look impressive. You can change the color scheme of your text fonts, install themes and plugins, and many more things. With all these benefits of having your website on WordPress, what are you waiting for?

Blogging Friendly:

Another benefit is that this blogging platform is user friendly. Even if you do not know much about HTML or PHP, you can still operate your website on this platform. All you need to do is to login with your username and password. Then you can just sit back and watch everything that happens on your website.

The blogging platform allows you to easily update your blog from your own site. You do not need to go through the hassle of getting the files uploaded. Your updates are automatic and are even published on the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. So your readers will always have the latest news from your blog.

Modification Freedom:

The third benefit of having your website on WordPress is that it gives you the freedom to modify your blog however you want.

You can add new widgets and plugins, as well as other features. Moreover, you can even customize your website by personalizing its theme. If you want to change its color scheme or theme altogether, then you can easily do so. And if you feel that you do not want to change the theme at all, then you can just leave it the same as it is. You do not need to hire a web designer for this benefit.

Easy To Install:

Lastly, the fourth benefit of having your website on WordPress is that it is very easy to install and maintain. All you need is an online web server, an account on WordPress and a domain name.

Once you have these things in place, then you are ready to start using your WordPress blog. One benefit of having your website on WordPress is that it is compatible with most of the popular blogging software out there, so you will not have any problem when installing it. In fact, most people will find installing it to be much easier than installing other blogs on their server.

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