These 9 SEO practices killed my 3,11,200$ Website [Bad SEO techniques]

These 9 SEO practices killed my 3,11,200$ Website[Bad SEO techniques]

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December 8, 2020
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These 9 SEO practices killed my 3,11,200$ Website[Bad SEO techniques]

Bad SEO techniques

If you are in the SEO field and you have never heard of negative SEO, then this is the right time to read this article or you will regret it in the future!

In this article, I have mentioned SEO strategies by which I lost my website with 24DA (domain authority) Just because my SEO Direction was working negatively. You can check the website price of any 24DA site on website price chequer tool.

I will also be sharing tips on how you can avoid your blog getting penalized if you are unknowingly already working on negative SEO techniques.

seo bad techniques

And yes negative SEO exists!

Bad SEO Techniques are following

Spammy Anchor

The first SEO mistake every person does is they start creating backlinks with the same anchor text multiple times.

This is most harmful SEO

It worked very well in 2015-2016. But now it literally kills your website

Google loves its natural flow of links and does not want to provide spammy content to its users so it is hitting hard on spammers!

Here is a quick explanation of this spammy technique here is a website named []

And a SEO noob want to rank an article []

So now SEO noob will create 100 links on anchor text “Facebook pixel guide” and this is where he did the deadliest SEO mistake!

The search engine will recognize these backlinks As Natural backlinks as all links are pointing to a single page on his website with the same anchor text.

These are spammy backlinks and Google do not count them and even if it counts your ranking

Will reduce on the targeted keyword

So what is the correct way to tackle this SEO mistake?

So in this case here is how your anchor text ratio must look like-

15 links with anchor tag -“Facebook pixel guide by {your website name}”

40 links with anchor tag on LSI keywords (“Facebook pixel tutorial”, “How to use Facebook pixel”, “use of Facebook pixel”, “tips to use Facebook pixel”)

15 anchor tags on generic keywords

10 on targeted keywords 20 on naked URL

Irrelevant link profile

The next SEO mistake every newbie does is they create backlinks from irrelevant sites, for example, if your site is in a niche of photography then you should create your links from other photography sites, and if you create the links from a finance site or sports site that links will work negatively on your link profile!

So be aware while building links!

Article spin

Another deadly mistake that each and every one has made (including me in the early stages of practice) is using duplicate content or using article spinners to get free articles!

Do you really think that Google cannot catch these?

Just think in this way that if someone is providing the article spinner for free then Google has already spent millions on its ranking algorithm!

Click bait

This is the dumbest mistake done by few bloggers or SEO’s, if you think click bait works on Google and search engines then sorry my friend it does not work on Google!

It’s not YouTube that you create a click bait thumbnail and you get tons of traffic!

People generally use search engines to gain relevant information, unlike YouTube where people get entertain!

Here is the scenario!

User search on the web: “How to lose weight”

And he clicks on a click bait content written by you saying “lose 10kg weight in 24 hrs.”

Within the first few paragraphs, the user will recognize that this is irreverent content because it was click bait.

So what he will do is exit your website and click on another result and guess what?! You just increased your bounce rate!

The only way to avoid it is by creating original content, all you need is to be real if you are click-baiting content then you must fulfill the needs of the reader.

Driving useless traffic to the website

Well, this is the worst thing that I think every digital marketing newbie does while dealing with SEO for clients!

The best thing you can do is let digital marketer do his SMM job because they

Are already engaged in several skills

And if you know digital marketing and have no idea how to get clients the also read-

why businesses need digital marketing.

Sharing/spamming links in irrelevant

Facebook or Whatsapp groups! This technique works, which initially drives traffic but at the end of the day increases your bounce rate because it’s not necessary that a random Facebook group audience may be interested in your topic!

So share your links in the relevant groups!

Outbound links to irrelevant sites

This is a very untouched topic on the internet because not all outbound links are helpful! let me explain

so as we discussed prior we have an article written on the Facebook pixel, So if you give an outgoing link to a cake recipe just to maintain the link profile of the page then the page is defamed in Google vision, and here is the worst part if the guy with the cake recipe page disavows the link then we are a bad back bencher in front of the principal (Google)!

So by considering our niche (Facebook ads) here is what you can do!

We can link to a relevant site for example we can link to “Facebook tutorial” or “Facebook ads strategy” in our case.

spammy site links

This kind of links has been ignored by various experts. In this case, the user builds the backlink from spammy websites now you will think about how to know if there is time or not all you need to do is install a mobzar which is a free plugin by month it shows a spam score of the visited website always try to build backlinks from websites having spam score of less than 10% you may notice that if you try to build backlinks from my website your website spam score will also increase!

According to MOZ, websites with less spam score perform better in Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page)!

( Moz is not a part of Google and is an individual organization but then too it has a slighter edge of predicting results)

Wrong way of update/upgrading article

If you are updating your article once a week or twice a week then my friend you are doing a great mistake this behavior of your site can make Google think that you are spamming or providing the wrong content to the audience

What is the best way of updating or upgrading your articles?

The best way of updating your article is updated it before it gets index or updates it after few months (1.5-2 months)

Updating your article after a gap of a month or more will make Google think the article is getting

Additional value and will work fine!

Messing with sandbox

Many people have no idea what Google sandbox is, let me clear; it is a kind of arena where Google test your website

Usually a sandbox period is of 2-3 months up to a year or more!

It took nine months for one of my personal websites to get out of the sandbox!

The very last mistake that every newbie does is expect the results too quickly! They need to understand that this is blogging and results come late! All you need is some patience & Hire Professional SEO Service

Note: Unfortunately I cannot reveal my dead website because I am still working on it to review it!

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